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Who we are

Brendan Meehan, SEO Executive Manager, began working with the internet in 2002. As time progressed, Meehan quickly learned about the power and profitability of the internet, and how search engines drive quality traffic to websites.

Like many, he worked on the internet part time as a supplemental income stream. By 2004, however, he decided that it was time to move forward and tackle the internet full time. The only way he could do this on a shoe string budget was through Search Engine Optimization, and driving traffic to his websites through a diverse group of website portals.

Meehan began working on the corporate level in 2005.

During his tenure as a Search Engine Optimization Consultant, Meehan was able to boost the rankings of multiple sites to high levels for some of the most important keywords on the net. This resulted in higher traffic levels, stronger customer conversions, and increased profits across the board.

Brendan Meehan is happy to answer any questions you may have relating to a prospective SEO campaign, and can lend you advice on how to increase your income levels with quality SEO. Feel free to email him anytime with thoughts, ideas, or questions about how you can rank at the top of the results for your market!

When Simon Eaton, Affiliate Executive Manager, entered the affiliate sector in the late 90’s his work was groundbreaking--he was a true pioneer. His main expertise derives from affiliate marketing within the highly competitive egaming sector. He also has ample experience within the insurance and retail industries and has consulted with airlines in devising affiliate marketing campaigns.

In the egaming sector in 2001 Mr. Eaton joined VIP.com where he developed and managed the VIP Profits program. In 2004 he developed 9am.com for Nine.com where he managed over 30,000 affiliates. These two affiliate programs generate millions in annual revenue for VIP.com and Nine.com.
Other lucrative affiliate programs Simon has worked with throughout his career bring in hundreds of thousands for their affiliates and millions for their owners.

Simon welcomes your questions relative to creating and developing an affiliate campaign and also can provide savvy advice on how to significantly increase income levels within an existing affiliate campaign.

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