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What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves webmasters and internet marketers promoting a product/service in return for commissions. Internet affiliate marketing began around 1995 with Amazon.com, Ebay.com and others. Typically, affiliates display an advertising banner on their website(s) which links to the site offering the product/service. This is just one of various approaches used to attract and drive traffic.

Time has shown that without developing a solid affiliate program the vast majority of websites fail to achieve the level of growth they may have otherwise been capable of.

Broad-based affiliate programs may involve several thousand affiliates promoting a product. Ordinarily 10% of ones affiliates provide 90% of the revenue generated by the affiliate program. These affiliates are known as Super Affiliates and it is every company’s dream to recruit these high caliber affiliates as soon as possible. Many super affiliates make in excess of $100k a month from several different affiliate programs.

Cost effectiveness is a key factor behind many companies decision to expand their internet affiliate programs and downsize other marketing vehicles. Affiliates are paid only out of the profits they have produced for the company! Companies lacking an affiliate program are seriously losing out on additional revenue.

An affiliate program is not merely a nice “add-on” to many websites but indispensable for most. All of the top performing sites on the internet have affiliate marketing programs which are responsible for the lion’s share of their profits.

Why is Affiliate Marketing so important?

Having a successful affiliate program is like having a thousand salesmen working directly for you on commissions. You only pay for the results they bring!

Quite simply, if you do not take affiliate marketing seriously and establish an effective affiliate program you cannot compete in the internet world. A quality, in-demand, product backed by great service is still only part of the formula for success. There is no substitute for a skillful and highly effective marketing network. This is where affiliates shine.
All affiliate programs only pay on results, and how many other marketing avenues can you do this? You have little to loose and everything to gain with affiliate marketing so it makes sense for you to consider having a fully functioning affiliate program.

It is important to emphasize when setting up an affiliate network to hire experienced and savvy professionals who understand and address webmaster’s needs and managed the affiliate program effectively.

Without an affiliate network you can only reach people who find and visit your website directly. With an affiliate program you are reaching the people who reached your competitor’s sites, portals with listings, forums and a variety of other people resulting in more sales. The average cost programs pay for a click using Google Adword or other similar pay-per-keyword search engines can be around $1. Remember, with an affiliate network you are only paying on the results achieved. Affiliate Marketing Works!

Why choose us for your Affiliate Campaign

The founders of Zynk Media have over ten years experience in the affiliate market and have set up several of the best affiliate programs on the web. The experience mainly falls within the egaming sector which is considered one of the toughest fields on the internet outside of the adult entertainment sector.

Over the years Simon Eaton, the principle founder of Zynk Media, has used his expertise in advising many leading affiliate networks on how get more bang for the buck. He has also been a keynote speaker and presented at several affiliate conferences including the popular Affiliate Summit based out of Las Vegas.

We understand the need for recruiting excellent affiliates and have personal contact with many of the highest producing affiliates in nearly all sectors. We also vigorously recruit affiliates for you using proven methods that will get your program off to a flying start. We expect based on past performance that we can make your affiliate marketing campaign profitable by the forth month and will work very closely with your business in resolving issues effecting your affiliate campaign.

Zynk Media has worked with several proven media outlets and has the ability to fast track your affiliate campaign through them. All the media outlets we associate with deliver results and we do not risk working with unproven outlets at your cost.

If you are looking for quality assistance in launching your affiliate program then Zynk Media should be your choice.

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