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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO”, is the process of improving a website’s ranking in the major search engines for important keyword searches. A variety of methods are used to achieve this goal. For the on-site portion of an SEO campaign, the focus is on making content accurate, usable, and rich in keyword phrases. In turn, the website immediately becomes more relevant for potential users, since it provides a higher concentration of information for a given keyword search phrase. For off-site SEO work, relevant website networks that complement the “main” website are built, links are exchanged with other webmasters who offer quality content, and website feed syndication and general “web exposure” is boosted. The main goal is to “get the word out” that your site is an important resource.

SEO is a long range building process that adjusts as search engine algorithms update, industry standards change, and customer needs evolve. In general, a quality SEO campaign will take 8-12 months before it matures. After that point, maintenance work and continual site “tuning” last indefinitely. Good rankings are no accident and do not happen overnight. It is important to understand that SEO is as much trial and error as it is a creative, methodical, and user focused process. Given time, the amount of traffic coming to a particular website will improve, lead generation will increase, and greater customer conversion rates will be seen.

Finally, it is important to understand that the web is constantly evolving. As a result, the major search engines must change to better meet their users’ needs. This also means that the SEO needs of a particular website are ever-changing and dynamic. What “works” one day may not be the “final” optimal solution.

SEO is not a definitive goal but instead a continual, steady, evolving process.  Zynk Media knows what it takes when it comes to SEO.

Why SEO so important

SEO solves the biggest problem facing most webmasters: how to get quality website traffic. Traffic is the lifeblood of any website, and in many respects can ultimately determine the success or failure of an internet venture. Without traffic, there will be no leads; without leads, no sales; without sales, no income.

The purpose of the search engines is to index the internet, and then present results that are relevant for a given internet user’s query. Search engines meet the needs of their customers with quality results that will help them navigate the web. On the macro level, this process makes the web more “usable” and friendly to consumers. On the micro level, individual websites that provide useful content get visitors. This mutually dependent relationship makes the web thrive and remain one of the most important informational resources in existence.

SEO is the necessary “middle man” in the search process. SEO brings the attention of the major search engines to quality websites. Further, SEO augments the power of the online and offline economy by creating a means for providers of goods and services to reach customers.

Search traffic is considered the most valuable streams of online traffic available. Pound for pound, Search engine traffic eclipses banner advertising, bulk email, and traffic exchanges as a means to convert potential customers into clients. Once a user has be referred to a website by a search engine, numerous forms of data mining can be used to profile typical site visitors, their origin, how they search, and which pages they visit. This data can then be further refined and analyzed.

With SEO, you can be assured of a steady flow of quality traffic that will drive sales, create leads, and increase profits.

Why choose us for your SEO campaign

Zynk Media is ready and willing to take on your SEO campaign. Our drive for quality results, teamed with years of industry experience and knowledge, will help propel your site to the top of the rankings. We only service a handful of clients in each market, so that we don’t compete against ourselves or harm any other internet marketing efforts of our customers.

In addition, Zynk strives to help educate its clients about internet marketing and SEO. It would not be productive for a client to be kept in the dark about what is going on with their marketing campaigns. Zynk will work closely with your marketing team to develop comprehensive plans, achievable goals, and flexible routines that are customized around individual client needs. As each step of the SEO process unfolds, Zynk will keep you up to date with consistent progress reports, web traffic analysis, keyword trends, and important SEO news. You’ll find that you learn a lot about how SEO works and how it can positively contribute to your company’s growth.

Most importantly, Zynk Media is willing to do what it takes to out perform the competition, while at the same time adhering to a strong code of ethics and best practices. We’re willing to experiment with new ideas, aggressive SEO techniques, and other methods of marketing so that you can realize your goals.

Finally, you’ll find that Zynk Media offers the best value for your marketing budget. When it comes to delivering results and providing quality customer service, Zynk Media is second to none. Our goal is to meet your goals, and that means you won’t be faced with unjustified costs. Marketing successfully isn’t always about how much you spend, but how much ROI you get.


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